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Our Strengths


Our Strengths


Along with a well-equipped infrastructure, we also possess various other strengths that have helped us to fulfill the client’s demands in a better way as compared to our counterparts in the domain. Some of our strengths are as follows :

  •  Complete Quality Assurance.
  •  Promise of safe and on time delivery.
  •  Wide spread delivery network.
  •  Proficient team members.
  •  Intensive market knowledge.


The export policy and its main principles which put the company on the map of the world is:

  •  To be committed to the execution of contracts even if the price was changed not in favor of the group's profiles.
  •  To meet the supply's term and the delivery dates.
  •  To meet the technical terms of quality.



 As the Egypt n°1 in aggregates industry, TopTradeWay relies on its expertise and market knowledge to develop its business. Aggregates are essential for decoration!

 Key figures
In 2011, the Aggregates Business:

  •  Had nearly 7 quarries in operation.
  •  Sold 500,000 tons of aggregates worldwide.
  •  Employed 35 people in this business.
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About Top Trad Way

“TopTradeWay (TTW)” is a highly successful entrepreneurial Group Company in the mining and quarry Industry, supplies various Raw Materials such as Aggregates, Silica quartz, silica sand, feldspar and many others.